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September 13, 2002

For Immediate Release

BREL International releases the CLC6-Microminiature Axial Leaded MLCC Capacitor in size 0.052x0.052x0.100 inches with capacitance up to 2.2uFd/6.3VDC in X7R.

CLC6BREL International announces the release of the latest size addition to the Type CLC product line of BREL Precision Components, Inc. BREL Precision is part of the BREL International group of companies, which includes BREL International Components, Inc. The Type CLC-Microminiature Leaded MLCC Capacitor now has an additional size, which further extends the capacitance range in the smaller case size to 2.2uFd at 6.3VDC with a TC of X7R. The CLC6 size is axial leaded with a 0.052x0.052 inch package and a length of 0.100 inches. It is available immediately with delivery of stock to 6 weeks a.r.o. The Type CLC MLCC-Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor is one of the world's smallest leaded MLCC capacitor supplied to the hearing aid industry, but suitable for many different medical and industrial applications.

The Type CLC Miniature MLCC capacitor is now available in five case sizes with axial or radial leads. These precision microminiature non-polarized ceramic capacitors are especially suitable for general filtering, de-coupling, bypassing, and RC timing application. The CLC series operates to +85C without derating and up to +125C with derating. The favorable capacitance to volume ratio has made this series the leader in high-density applications such as hearing aids.

The Type CLC6 is the latest addition to the BREL product line for the hearing aid industry. In 2001 BREL introduced the next evolution leaded resistor, the RMB16 to the industry. Leaded capacitors, like our Type CLT tantalum and Type CLC ceramic, and other leaded passive and discrete components are still the component of choice for many applications. These leaded parts will continue in use by industry in substantial volumes for many of the latest product designs.

The Type CLC leaded MLCC capacitor was designed in cooperation with a major world-class supplier of electronic components. The Type CLC includes 4 popular industry standard case sizes and now the new 0.052x0.052 inches case size. Other key features are digital marking of capacitance value, color-coded tolerance marking, non-polarized construction, and robust leads of pure nickel with solder coating suitable for soldering or welding.

Pricing is $0.65 to $1.25 each depending on quantity. Delivery is stock to 6 weeks. This product is available from our facility in Sarasota, Florida for all the common values. Data sheets and additional information is available from our website at or by contacting our Sales Department at 941-355-9791. Send email to for a datasheet, samples and price quote.


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